Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Parker's 5th Annual Writer's Celebration

Every year since Parker was in Kindergarten, his school has hosted a Writer's Celebration.
The kids are to write a story or poem and present it to a small group of kids and parents.
This was Parker reading his "Kids" poem. You can tell by his shoulders how tense and nervous he was. I had encouraged him to do it every year just to give him a little practice of being in front of a group of people and giving a presentation. I always hated those in school because of nervous I would get.

The second picture if of Liddie after all the kids had read and parents were leaving. She walked right up to the front and said "My turn!". She took her Backyardigan Book we had for her and started reading it to the "class". It was incredibly cute...maybe we are looking at a future teacher!?!? Of course, Liddie being herself was in a "party dress" (which she asks for every morning...a party dress is just a dress, any dress). Who shouldn't wear a party dress everyday? Then her beautiful blue croc kinda flip flops and her signature wild hair! As my mom would say, she looks like a "rag muffin", but that is Liddie and we love her the way she is!
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