Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Potty Training in Progress

Whoever said girls are easier than boys to potty trained, probably did not have a strong willed little girl like Liddie. Parker was a breeze! No joke, a breeze! Liddie on the other hand, can do it, but doesn't want to do it! This shows you I have tried everything! She gets chocolate chips as a reward every time she goes. I have put the potty in front of the tv (see picture), no go. I have tried princess pull ups, other cute Target pull ups, panties (princess and Dora) no go. I guess I should say it has been "hit and miss". I have gone as far as setting a timer every 15 minutes to ask her if she needs to potty, and without fail I will say "You need to go potty" and Liddie will say "No" and literally 1-2 minutes later, she will say "I am wet"! And lets forget about #2 on the potty! I have "caught her in the act" if you will and she refuses and says "go in there!" and she will hide.

As you can see from this second picture, she likes her panties on her head and not on her "booty booty" as we call it! I know, I know you are suppose to call their private parts by their real name, but I cannot do it!
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