Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cale is 9 Months-Today!

Time flies! What else can I say???

Cale is nearly crawling...he does some funny push up and then brings his knees forward, whatever works, right??? He is working on a third tooth (all on the bottom). Guess I have to admit he is saying "Da da". It is very hard to say that...I mean I carried him 9 months, went through a c-section, nurse him, continue to get up with him throughout the night and nurse (I don't wanna hear any flack...I spoil my children in this regard!), bathe him...all I want is to hear "ma ma"!

He is such a happy boy and loves to laugh. Chia loves Cale and Cale loves Chia! Chia can walk by and Cale just smiles and sometimes laughs.

We are blessed by this boy!

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