Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poor Baby has to Feed Himself!

This is a funny story behind this messy picture.

I am feeding Cale lunch and I hear Liddie say "I pee peed!". I immediately jumped up to help her and inadvertently left the jar of food on the tray of the high chair. I am helping Liddie get all cleaned up and and thought to myself right before I walked into the kitchen that Cale was being really patient (he does not like anyone to leave the room). Well, this is what I walked in to, he was feeding himself! I was so thankful he did not push the jar all the way off the tray onto the floor...that would have been a huge mess...carrots and glass.

Now I just wish I could have seen him do this and trying to feed himself with his little hands!
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Terri said...

Hi There!

LOVE your blog. I too am a Canadian Family living just outside of Houson - Richmond. Where in Canada are you from!


Cara Canada said...

Actually we are not from Canada, it just so happens to be our last name. We are originally from Oklahoma! A lot of people think we are from Canada. We recently looked in Richmond, and are considering moving over that way in the next few years.

Liz said...

This made for some seriously cute pictures!

Cindy Kirkpatrick said...

You've been BOO-ed! See my blog! Happy Halloween!