Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday Parker! (4/22/09)

Parker turned 11 today!  Boy time flies!  Today we tried to make it as special as we could because his birthday celebration will be this weekend and I will have lots of pictures to post then!

Started the morning off with chocolate chip waffles (nothing different really); then we met Brian for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  After all of that we went to Target to let him pick out a game (no not a video game...that was a rule) and topped that trip off with a Cherry ICEE!  For dinner he picked what he wanted me to make...Meatloaf (my yummy meatloaf with sweetened condensed milk), sweet potato fries & corn and of course topped that off with ice cream...WHEW, what a day!

This weekend hold some fun stuff for Parker...grandparents coming, going to the movies and lunch with friends and yet another special dinner.  

We love you Park!


Julie said...

Wow, 11 years old? Where did all the time go? Please tell him Happy Birthday from us! Wish you all were closer!

Michelle said...


Erica Nye said...

Wo! Did you let him skip school? What a lucky guy with such a fun Mom!

Queen of the Tuttie Fruitties said...

I remember when you guys brought him home!!!! I can't believe he's already 11. Many blessings to such a great boy. We miss you guys. Hope you are all well!

Anonymous said...

time flies doesn't it.

love you momma,dadda,liddie,baby cale and chia