Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Ok, I know it has been a while, but I have a great excuse!

We love our new home. It has felt like home since the first night. It seems to be perfect in size (not too big, not too small) and love the floor plan! Maybe one day I will have the gutso so show the inside, but maybe some here and there. There really isn't too much we want to change, which is a good thing. The kids' bedrooms need repainted and we are thinking about adding a wall, but other than that can't complain! The kids love the yard and the swing set, getting them in is like pulling teeth! Baby Cale is the worst.

We are homeschooling full-time this year. We started on Monday! So far, so good!

Brian's job is going well, he is loving working from home! I love him working from home. It makes the long days when he is gone worth it.

We are starting to "scout" out churches and hopefully will visit one soon. So much to think about between having a great youth program for Parker, a great childrens' program for Liddie & Cale and for us to find the right spot to get fed. I realize that you cannot find a church to meet all of your needs, but you need it to fill some.

More to come!

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Erica Nye said...

Beautiful! I love your yard, and it looks like you are isolated and in the woods. I hope the school thing continues to go well for you and the kids. Walker starts tomorrow and is pretty nervous about going to a big middle school. I wish we could send him to a smaller private school, but until Chad and I are through with school we will have to do the best we can. Happy Fall! Well at least I wish it were fall.

Promoting OK adoption said...

So glad you are adjusting well. I am so impressed you are homeschooling. That's amazing!

Please visit Crossings. It is big but because of that, it may help fill some of your family needs. Let me know when you are coming and we can meet up and I can help direct you to classes and such.

Henderson Hills is great too and I just recently heard of Faith Bible thats close. There are so many sometimes it's hard to choose! We'll be praying that you find something that feels like home!

Oops, just realized I am signed in to another blog account! This is MOLLY!