Monday, July 13, 2009

Complete Craziness...but God is good!

So much to catch up on...Yes we sold our house, but our buyer backed out over us not being willing to put on a new roof when half of it was replaced in November of 08. We tried to agree with them to split the cost of half of a new roof, but that was not acceptable so they backed out. Fortunately for us (and you cannot deny it was God) we had an interested buyer come through the day we signed out contract with the first buyers. They left feedback saying that they were interested and that they were paying in cash and could close in two weeks! As soon as our deal was starting to fall apart our realtor contacted these other buyers and they were still looking, though half heartedly negotiating on another house, they really wanted a chance at ours. The offer was not as good, but we really felt like this was our chance to keep moving forward and how many times do you have a back up buyer the day your deal falls apart??? Oh and by the way, they wanted to close in 2 weeks (July 17)!

Over the 4th we went to Edmond to house hunt. We looked pretty much all day on the 3rd & 5th. We ultimately put an offer in on the first house we looked at, but at the end of the day on the 5th. On the 5th we knew about our house so we knew we were needing to close quick and we are able to close on July 24th, only a week later! God is good! Oh did I mention that we both had "criteria" of what we wanted for a house and we both got what we wanted! God is too good to us!

I called our packers to ask them about availability and he only had two dates open the week we needed him...the two days we NEEDED! God it good!

This week is CRAZY! Our packers/loaders will be here Wednesday & Thursday. We close at 10:00 a.m. on Friday! I absoltutely love all of my Houston/Pearland friends, just know I will not be able see everyone, but I don't like goodbyes anyway! I would have never enjoyed our time here without such good friends. I love and appreciate every one of you!


Michelle said...

I'm so happy everything worked out so well...God knew it would!I hate good byes too, but would love to be able and swing by to give some hugs!

Julie said...

Yea! Get here now! Looking forward to seeing you more often I hope! Praying everything goes smoothly and safe travels!

Erica Nye said...

So happy things worked out for you guys. I am glad you will be coming to OK. Maybe we can get together sometime, since we are not far away. Take care and good luck with your move.