Sunday, January 27, 2008

Facination with breast pads...

I knew Liddie would be confused with breast feeding, but the thing she did today with a stray breast pad was too funny not to share! As she found a new breast pad in our diaper basket, she put it on top of Cale's head and of course she thought it was a cute hat, but it reminded me of one of those Jewish caps men and boys wear...I should have got a picture to really capture how funny it was. She has also put a foam corner cushion, which is white, under her shirt acting like it is a breast pad. Then she has actually taken a real breast pad and put it under her shirt, then told me it was stuck!

Cale lost his umbilical cord yesterday (Sunday). Today he is two weeks old, time does fly by! He is sleeping ok at night waking up twice after 11:00 p.m., but the second time, I just stay up to get Parker ready for school. Today, (Monday) Brian went back to work. He said he is having a hard time getting motivated, I am having a hard time because I miss his help!

I have been terrible about pictures. I will get some more soon!

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