Monday, February 4, 2008

My nose is not working...

Liddie said the funniest thing this morning..."Momma, my nose is not working!" and I said "really", and she said "Yeah, it is stuck!". Her nose was stopped up this morning, obviously. These are small quotes you wish you could remember forever!

We took Cale in last Wednesday to weigh and he made it back to 8lbs. 6oz. I have to take him in again this Wednesday to ensure he exceeds 8lbs. 8oz. his original birth weight. Surely he has because he eats every 2 hours on the nose! I had to time a trip to the grocery store this weekend so I would be back within two hours of the time I started to feed him before I left. That trip was a disaster! How can a trip by yourself to the grocery store turn chaotic? I'll tell ya. First, never grocery shop on Saturday, and never on a Saturday before Super Bowl! Automatic chaos! Then, I get all my stuff (wasn't really even for Super Bowl) and go check out. The lady scans all of my stuff, over $100 worth of stuff (as usual) and I cannot find my check card. It dawned on me I left it in the Suburban in the cup holder. No checkbook (who needs a checkbook when you have a check card). No other credit cards (we are done with credit cards...they are out of our lives). Oh wait, I found an old ATM card for the credit union in Tulsa, I used it before and we keep "emergency" money in the lady suspended my order and let me run to the ATM. The ATM card was "invalid". CRAP! I am running out of time, remember I had it methodically planned to ensure I was back to feed the baby! I usually always go to the store and see someone I know, and the one time I don't I need to see someone I know. If I knew them well enough, I would have asked them to pay for my groceries, really I would have. I called Brian, and thankfully he is so easy going and can laugh at this situation and not get mad. He said it'd be faster if he would just come to the grocery store rather than me drive home and back (mind you I have milk, butter, fish sticks, know perishables!). Brian makes it goes in the pay for the groceries and the baby is still fine. We pull out of the parking lot and he starts screaming, needless to say I had to pull over in a parking lot and feed him. I can't stand to hear a little one like that cry, plus traffic who knows how long it'd take to get home. That is how a trip to the grocery store by yourself can turn chaotic!

We actually got out and went to a friend's house for Super Bowl. We only stayed until after half time, I was exhausted and ready to be home. We decided that all the "kids" that were down on the field during half-time show going wild about Tom Petty really didn't know who he was!

Now a funny story to share about Parker. Parker is a huge popcorn eater! He absolutely loves his popcorn, he would choose popcorn over sweets (most of the time). Needless to say, we have two popcorn poppers and sometimes pop it on the stove (microwave is not good enough anymore). The air popper he can work on his own without help, so a couple of nights ago he was making his popcorn and overfilled it with popcorn. Thankfully he realized that he put too much in before he started the popper. How do you think a 9-year old boy would take the excess popcorn??? Spoon. No. Pouring it out. No. With his hand. No. Ask mom or dad for help. No. He uses a sponge! Mind you, it was not a brand new sponge, it was a sponge sitting on the sink that was probably nasty, stinky and full of germs! You really can't ask him what he was thinking because we have learned that 9-year old boys really don't think straight!

I love my kids, I would not change a thing!

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Julie said...

Great idea, I will check back often. It is kind of nice to see the Cara I loved in Jenks is still the same Cara just with more kids now! Thanks for sharing your stories. What was Parker thinking with the "sponge" Yuk!