Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chocolate Chips!

First picture of Parker is of his "Go Texan" day at school. Go Texan day is really the start of the "Rodeo" here, when we first moved here, we thought it was to celebrate our football team, the Texans. Anyhow the kids get to dress up and have a fun day at school.

Next is Cale smiling! He is 8 weeks and smiles all the time now. He is starting to grow out of his newborn stuff and wearing some 3-6 months...healthy little boy! Then the picture of Brian and Cale, oh how much their head shape is the same!

Finally, Miss Priss Liddie! She is starting to potty train. Everyone has a bribing method, right? We Liddie's is chocolate chips. Chocolate motivates this girl! She has a few accidents when she is extra busy and we are not asking, but overall doing pretty well.

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Wade and Allison said...

Look how much they are all growing!! geez- when we will see them again?

Your family is so beautiful!

Hope you guys are doing well.

Miss you! Big hugs to you all!