Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cale Six Weeks

The original "ham" all grown up and avoids the camera.

Cale is growing! He weighed 10-1/2 lbs at his six week check.
He is smiling a lot easier now, especially at mom. Brian says it is
because he sees me and thinks of milk.
Liddie has been enjoying bike rides with the boys.
They can't hardly leave the house without her, she is always
wanting to go. She has a snack and is ready to go!

Liddie was playing with play-doh this weekend and made a baby out of it.
She decided that she was going to "nurse" too!

Last weekend (2/22-2/24), Brian's mom was here for a visit. Brian took Parker on a 4 hour fishing trip into the Bay, they had fun but no luck with fish. Parker thought he was a little sea sick, but a pepto tablet helped things out. There was another little boy on the boat that didn't fare as well. The motion sickness hit Brian after he was home, it threw him for a loop!

Brian bought a new bike to start riding again, Parker is loving it; Chia & Liddie are too for that matter. We bought a trailer for Liddie to ride in and she loves it. She has a snack and she is ready to go. Chia likes it because Brian will run her while on his bike, but ultimately Chia ends up pulling Brian. He bought her a harness since she likes to pull so she won't be pulling with her neck. I have yet to see it! Liddie told Brian that her nose was not working again, this time it needs "batteries". How cute is that?
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Queen of the Tuttie Fruitties said...

Cara - what adorable pictures and such a great narrative! I love the whole nursing thing Liddie did. Too funny. Bella used to put babies underneath her shirt when we were pregnant. Too funny! Miss you guys

Wade and Allison said...

Look how much your sweet babies are growing!! Love that you have set this up - I can "see" what is going on with the Canada family.

Love you guys! Big hugs!