Saturday, April 5, 2008

Newsboys Concert-3/8/08

Parker was invited to a friend's birthday party. As the party, they took the boys to see "Newsboys". This was Parker's first concert! If you don't know who the Newsboys are, you gotta check them out. They are a Christian band and have some awesome songs.
When Parker was invited to the concert, I offered Brian as a chaperone if an additional one was needed. This was one birthday party he did not complain about attending! To top off the evening, they got to go back stage and meet them! This is a picture of Brian & Parker with the lead singer! You talk about exciting, Parker could barely contain himself! He is looking forward to his next concert!
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Wade and Allison said...

Parker I am SO JEALOUS!!! It looks like you had so much fun! We are even friends with the Newsboys manager and we have not seen them!!

Brian, tough job to chaperone!