Monday, April 28, 2008

Liddie's Minor Emergency Visit...

4/12/2008--We have said from early on Liddie was gonna be our emergency room child!
This night, Parker was over at a friends house having a sleepover, so they were not even
rough housing as expected! Brian was on the phone with Parker, he was reading his
devotional to Brian, and I was on the couch with Cale. Liddie was in our recliner with legos. She had reclined back and was wanting to sit back up. She pushed the leg part of the recliner down to get it to go back and as she was doing that she fell forward out of the chair and was holding legos in her hand. The lego cut the top part of her cheek below the eye. Brian thew down the phone and I jumped up and told Parker we'd call him right back. We debated if we should take her or not, so Brian stopped by a friends house who is a doctor to see what he thought. He said he thought it'd be best if we did take her. Brian took her about 10:00 and they put dermabond on it (basically superglue) so not stitches, thankgoodness! She woke up the next morning with a pretty good black eye. This did not slow her down any at all!
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