Monday, April 28, 2008

More Chocolate Please!

Liddie is a girl after my own heart...she LOVES chocolate! It was the theme for our Easter...Liddie finding chocolate and hiding to eat it. This particular picture, we were at my Aunt's house and she was given a chocolate bunny right before we were leaving. As we were getting ready to leave I realized I wanted to take a few pictures of us together. We took pictures and then we started wondering where Liddie was (I know we are bad parents not watching our kids every minute), well she was in the other room sitting on the floor eating her chocolate bunny! That little piece in the bottom picture was all that was left! The next day, we took all the candy and chocolate out of all the eggs and put Liddie through detox! Dontcha just love the first picture when she was caught red handed?!?!?!?
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