Friday, August 29, 2008

Quotes from Liddie

Oh how I wish I could remember all the cute things Parker said. I have learned, so here is a list of some of Liddie's.

"It's not the three little pigs" Liddie meaning to say "It's not the Olympics";

"Patty cake, patty cake, thank you man" Liddie saying her version of Patty Cake;

"Momma, you gonna hatch an egg" Liddie referring to cracking an egg while cooking;

"Click, click, click" Liddie referring to scissors or nail clippers;

"My nose is not working" Liddie referring to a stuffy nose;

"Birdy bird" Liddie says when she sees a bird;

"Is our stuff all ready yet" Liddie says this in the store when we are shopping, but it sounds like 'Is supper ready yet'.

"Ban Ban" Liddie referring to a Band-aid;

"It's not dirty, it's just dirt" Liddie referring to a 4 day old band aid on her leg that was there just because she wanted it there not because she had a boo boo. We were trying to get her to take it off and that is what she said when we said it was old and dirty.

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