Thursday, August 28, 2008

Parker's first day fo school-5th grade

Today (Tuesday, August 26) was Parker's first day of school. Starting 5th grade! This year we have chosen to put Parker in a Christian Private School. We all are very excited about it. Logos Preparatory Academy is a University Model School, meaning that first through sixth grade go to school T/Th & 7-12 grades go to school MWF. On the off days, the kids continue their school work at home with parents. The school provides the curriculum and teachers guide the parents on what lessons need to be completed on off days.

Several people think we have fallen off our rocker by doing this, but we know in our hearts this is what God wants us to do. It has been exciting just these first two days to see how the Bible and God are incorporated into the curriculum!

This is the first year we have done a rolling back pack. The school told us they highly recommend them because the kids will have to keep all their text books with them and bring them every time they are at school and their bags get very heavy.

This next picture is of Liddie. She was so disappointed she was not going to school. She kept saying "Liddie go to school" and I kept telling her not today, and she would repeat again "Liddie go to school"! Liddie will start her Mother's Day Out program next Friday. She will go Wednesday and Fridays which will be helpful in getting Parker's school work done on those days.
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Anonymous said...

Great to see your blog! We've thoroughly enjoyed school and getting to know Parker. I just ordered a bunch of scrapbooking materials! Maybe we'll have some time to get it done!

Wade and Allison said...

Look at Parker! Momma, he will be a Senior before you know it! Believe me...
Glad to hear your excitement about the new school!

It was so good to catch up with you today. Thanks for sharing in our excitement and continued prayers! I miss you! Christmas can't get here fast enough.