Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

We are blessed beyond measure!  We had a wonderful Christmas.  Although we traveled lots, we are blessed with family.  We started off in Grapevine while Brian took a class; then off to Tulsa to have a get together with Brian's mom's family; then to Springfield, MO to gather with Brian's Dad & his wife's famiy; then back to Tulsa to see my mom & sisters and my dad and brother & to gather with Brian's mom's husband's family (did you follow that???).  Santa came to Brian's mom's house for the kids.

Liddie was so in to Christmas this year!  She loved opening presents and really was just excited about everything.  Parker, of course loves Christmas.  Cale was oblivious to it all, but really made me realize how hard it is for kids to have birthdays around Christmas.  I know he will only be one, but thinking as he gets older how to make things work for him.  I can't believe he will be 1 on January 14!

We are home now and trying to get caught up and get back into a routine...I loved routine!

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Michelle said...

It seems like y'all had a great time! Man, I bet your tired! That's some travelin'!