Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I smell chocolate!

Funny story:

We are driving from Grapevine to Tulsa to start our Chirstmas rounds.  Once settled and on the road, the kids are watching a movie, Cale is asleep and I decide it is time for a Momma Treat!  I pull out a half eaten chocolate bar that I have had with me on our trip and I would "sneak" a piece here and there.  Well with the drive ahead of us and a great book in hand (The Wednesday Letters) I thought I would finish up the chocolate.  I am in the front seat with my pillow between me & Brian, Parker is in the middle with Cale (diagonal from me) and Liddie is in the 3rd row middle. There is no way these kids see this chocolate because I have it sitting in the seat next to me closest to the console.  I get the chocolate "ready", I open my book and then broke off a piece of chocolate (a little slice of heaven!)...AND it was not two seconds later Lidddie said "I smell chocolate"!  I look at Brian and busted out laughing...I GOT CAUGHT!  How did this little girl "smell" chocolate from the third row from the first row???  This tipped off Parker and now I have to SHARE my chocolate!  She is female afterall!


Julie said...

Girl I could sniff me out some chocolate! I love Liddie she is a girl after my own heart! I hear you on the no sharing your chocolate! I think I've even kind of turned Jared into a chocoholic!

Michelle said...

True girl! How sad that you had to share your chocolate!:(