Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Fruits of Parker's Labor

Parker is a golfer by his own choice. We have encouraged him, but not pushed him. Since he showed a real interest in golf, we encouraged him to try other sports too. Parker has tried soccer, basketball and flag football and he has always come back to golf. He did a little golf camp in the summer of 2004; then the following year he did a 3 day golf camp at a golf course that he now takes lessons at on a regular basis. I think that is where it really started taking off for him. Then in the summer of 2006 he played in the Little Linksters program though the South Texas PGA. He started in the Co-Ed ages 7-9 (5 hole modified). I will never forget that very first
tournament at a small little 9 hole golf course in Alvin, Texas. I am sure he was nervous as all get out...I know my boy! I didn't know what I was doing as a parent...I wasn't a "certified" caddie yet and really wasn't "allowed" to help him and all I wanted to do was hold his hand through out the tournament! He probably played 5-6 tournaments that summer. Then in 2007 he was really ready to get playing again and was excited about playing more tournaments, only this time he qualified to play 9 hole in his age group (7-9) which was a big change...yes 4 hole, but does make a difference in a kiddo. Oh, add on top of that I was pregnant with Baby Cale and had all the time sickness and it was a hard summer. Now with this most recent summer 2008 he is 10 and had to bump up to the 10-12 age group. His instructor felt with the age group bump, it would be best to bump back down to 5 hole and work his way up...there is a way to qualify for the next division up, I won't bore you with the qualification process, but it was Parker's goal all summer to bump up and he did the last two tournaments! He was so excited. Well for the first time STPGA is offering winter tournaments for the Little Linksters. Parker played in one the first week in November and then this past weekend, he played another. This past one was emotional for us...he placed 2nd out of 12 boys ages 10-12! Then on one hole he was hitting to the green from 50 yards or so from the fairway and his ball went into the hole! The picture of him standing by the pin was the hole that happened on. Brian said everyone was cheering, Bobbie and Alan saw it and were so excited for him too! Now for really seeing the fruits of his labor now that you have the full story...his very first tournament he shot a 44 on a 5 hole tournment...this past Sunday, he shot a 44 on 9 hole tournment and was one of the youngest in his division! If he continues to play on this track he will move up another division this summer! Although I don't think we are ready for that nor is he! To see him put so much effort into golf, and see him get excited about his lessons makes it all so great to watch him blossom and grow and to know as parents we have not forced this upon him, he is chosing it for himself. We are proud of Parker not for the second place, but for sticking with golf and giving it what he has and improving day by day, lesson by lesson, tournament by tournment and turning out to be such a great golfer! We love you Park!
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Wade and Allison said...

HOORAY PARKER!! That is great! My knowledge on golf is not great. However, Wade assures me these shots and scores are very impressive!!

Can't wait to see you guys soon!!

Michelle said...

Way to go Parker!