Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things

Okay, the 25 Random Things about Yourself has been going around Facebook like wildfire. I love reading really can find out a few things about people you would have never known, and it has been pretty fun! A few of you have decided to "re-do" on your blog, and I am joining you (not sure if I will do 100 Beth)! Some will be repeats, some won't.

1. I am technically an only child, though I have 2 half brothers (one of which has passed away way too young) and 2 half sisters.

2. I secretly wish I could/would have one more baby! (Cannot believe I have written that).

3. After many years of not being able to get pregnant after Parker, we did one unsuccessful round of fertility and gave up on more than one child (and accepted it by the way). Our last two pregnancies have truly been the hand of God! (Really 3...I miscarried once after Liddie)

4. None of our children were "planned". (You know what I mean)

5. I never make my bed (only when I change the sheets)

6. I cannot stand to unload the dishwasher, that is why it is a chore of Parker's.

7. I want to win the lottery not to buy more things or a bigger house, but to have Brian home all the time and be a better giver.

8. Every child has increased my prayer life!

9. My mother-in-law & best childhood friend beat breast cancer!

10. I miss my Na-Naw (like a mother to mother's mother). She would get a kick out of these kids. She passed 11 days after I had Liddie and I was unable to attend her funeral, which has made it hard for me to realize that she is really gone.

11. My mom still lives in the house I grew up in.

12. Parker is so much like me, it is scarey!

13. I want to move one more time in my life...move to the house our kids will come home to and visit after they leave and stay in their "old rooms" and have fond memories.

14. The house that we are in now is the longest we have lived in one place our entire married life (and I think Brian's entire life).

15. You would have to pay me a ton of money to return to high school (enough for #7).

16. I was PTA Treasurer for one year (you could do it for two was enough).

17. My kids watch entirely too much television.

18. I always have the best of intentions, but don't always follow through.

19. If there were one reality show I would want to do, it would be Amazing Race. I would only want Brian to be my partner.

20. I have never had a speeding ticket.

21. I don't have an i-Pod (Brian & Parker do).

22. I can't wait to live debt free (including our home). We are on our way: Zero credit card debt!

23. I did not finish college, and I don't think it has hurt me.

24. I make my kids chocolate chip waffles for breakfast most mornings.

25. I want to start a new tradition of writing my kids letters on their birthdays.

There are 25! I may add some as time goes on.


Julie said...

#24 that is impressive and I love your idea in #25! Thanks for posting.

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing.

Beth said...

Love it. It's fun to write random things. I am impressed by #22 (I think that's the one), and am inspired by #25.

Molly said...

LOVE #25! Such a great idea!

Um, by "make" them waffles do you mean batter and all or just put them in the toaster like I do?

You are an amazing momma! Thanks for sharing the list!

Erica Nye said...

I love these lists! It is the greatest idea ever. It makes me feel so much closer to evryone and everyday something in life I see makes me relate back to my friends lists.