Monday, February 2, 2009

Pay it Forward...Winner(s)

I know I am late in doing this, but I so loved your stories. I did this to encourage us to live our daily lives paying it forward and not just sometimes. I heard stories from helping a family through the rebuilding of their home after a devastating fire (and the family was new in town) to putting a book in the mailbox of a friend who recently lost their pet...and everything in between! Paying it forward can be BIG or it can be small...the result is the same, helping others without wanting pay backs. If you don't have the resources to do a lot, you can still have a big heart by doing little things.

The two stories I mentioned "won" so you can expect a little something in the mail whenever I can get it in (I am a procrastinator and have the best intentions, just know that).

Thank you for your stories and remember to try to incorporate paying it forward daily whenever you can.

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