Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We have sold our house! We countered back at the first offer, they countered back and we accepted their counter. Granted it is great to have this piece behind us and we could have held out for a little more, but it wasn't worth the gamble. We felt we needed to take a reasonable offer and move on. When we moved here from Tulsa in 2002 our house in Jenks sat on the market for 8 months, and we did not want a repeat performance!

We are in our 10 day option period (Texas thing) and the buyers can back out for any reason and only loose $100! It will end on Saturday, July 4! Keep praying all is moving forward. We really believe God has orchestrated all of this and know we are in His hands throughout this and have to continue to trust Him!


Julie said...

WahHoo!! Congratulations! God is good and can be trusted no matter what happens! So excited to have you back in Oklahoma!

Molly said...

Yeah! Can't wait to hear how the hunt went here. So glad that God is working out all of the details because if you take this on yourself, it's pretty stressful!

Michelle said...

I'm happy for you Cara, but man oh man am I going to miss y'all!