Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Day

This was a great Valentine's day. Liddie was so excited about her party at school. Parker was equally was excited and still enjoys Valentine's although he is getting older. Plus Brian & I were able to go out to dinner the night before Valentine's just the two of us! We have great neighbors everywhere, but this couple is an older couple (not old, just older, our parents' age) and they offered to watch all 3 kids so we could celebrate Valentine's Day. We only took a couple of hours, but it was great to have some uninterrupted conversation and not have to answer never ending questions. I still scarffed down my dinner like it was my last meal, not sure if I was really hungry or in mom mode of eat when you can! We enjoyed going to a local coffee house afterward. Rob & Carol (our neighbors) seemed to enjoy the kids and said everything went well. I think they were surprised at Liddie's rough housing with Parker because she seems so quiet and sweet all the time! Rob told us he tried to get her to stop because he didn't want her bonking her head on his watch! Brian surprised me a gift card to go shopping to buy myself something, just what a mom wants after wearing maternity clothes for what seems like forever! You can't wait to get in them, then you can't wait to get out of them.

Cale is 5 weeks today. Sleeping just the same, waking every two hours! This picture of him with his hands behind his head is so cute, Liddie did the same thing at his age...I guess I should have put one of her up too. I think he is starting to smile intermittenly. Brian swears he has had him smiling for weeks, but I guess you can't tell a dad any different.

Then the picture of Liddie putting Cale's pacifier in his mouth. Liddie actually calls it a "bye", I don't know where she got that but Parker called his a "my", and don't ask me where he got that either. We always start out calling it a "paci", who knows! She is so excited she got it in his mouth, in all reality he is about to gag because she is holding it in there so tight.

The last picture of Liddie is what happens when she is quiet for a few minutes...I guess her knees were chapped so she has to use some Burt's Bees on them to help them! She is always up to something.

I feel bad there are not pictures of Parker. I usually take them during the day while he is at school, not intentionally. I am really mad at myself for not taking more after Cale's birth. We still have yet to take some pictures of me with him and the kids, Brian with him and the kids and all 3 together. I guess it is true about the 3rd one, but I was wanting to make that a myth!

Anyway, Parker is always asking questions...I mean ALWAYS! Sometimes they can be deep, other times I have to shake my head. The latest one that makes me shake my head "What are chicken bones made out of...wood?". Please tell me you are shaking your head too!

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