Monday, November 17, 2008

Arm Art (Follow up to "Leg Art")

I was sitting in the office and Liddie was behind me drawing on her easel. Liddie became very quiet! When I turned around I saw her writing on herself! Of course this is not a washable is dry erase! We asked her what she was doing and why she was doing this...her answer "I wanted to be scary". I can't help but to laugh.

If you did not see "Leg Art" go back to August 1 and you will see the original Leg Art by Liddie!

By the way, we could not get her to put a shirt on yesterday! Not going to fight that battle. Yesterday morning it was in the upper 30's and Parker insisted on wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt to church. That is fine, not going to fight that battle, but there was one condition...if he insisted on wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt he had to wear flip flops too and he could not have warm tea at church! He said he never got cold, but a mom knows that he really did!
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Julie said...

Too cute! You've got yourself a creative one! Loved the pics of them playing cops and robots!

Michelle said...

OH CARA! I had a post like that as well! These silly girls!