Monday, November 17, 2008

Liddie starts swim lessons...

Liddie started swim lessons a few weeks ago. She completed her two week session, meaning she had to go everyday for two weeks (so glad that is over!). This is Liddie with her instructor, Mr. Eli. She loves Mr. Eli and her spoiled her! There were days toward the end where I had to go to the pool and coax her out. She was the only one in her class so needless to say she had all the attention and easily wrapped Mr. Eli around her finger.

We started the weekly maintenance classes last week with a new instructor. Well, she cried through her entire lesson so we have rescheduled her weekly classes so she can be with Mr. Eli, and guess what...she is the only one in the class! The time is not the most convenient, but for her not to fear the water and enjoy class it is worth a little inconvenience. Once she has completed her float tests, I will consider changing her instructor, but for now the goal is to get her comfortable with the water and able to float if she were to ever fall into a pool.

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Michelle said...

OF COURSE she had him wrapped around her little finger! She so stinkin' CUTE, how could he not be? And for Liddie crying about not being with him...he is a cutie too! ;p