Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Bobbie & Alan (Brian's mom & her husband) came and shared Thanksgiving with us. It was nice and quaint. The luxury of only having a few of you is that it is so very laid back and relaxed. We cooked in our pajamas, ate in our pajamas and later that evening changed into clean pajamas for bed! Brian fried our turkey, he did a great job...I am very proud of him for researching it and being cautious so everything went very smoothly, no accidents to report!

This is Cale in Liddie's little Indian hat from school. It actually fit him better than her (our kiddos heads measure a bit big, thank goodness Liddie has a head full of hair now to cover it up!). The next one is of Liddie wearing her Indian hat on the back of her head...she really didn't care for Baby Cale trying it on.

Then the following pictures are of our turkey I was so proud of!

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Michelle said...

LOVE the Indian feathered hats!