Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008 - Part 2

Okay, let this show you that the age difference between Parker and Liddie is pretty big...Parker being "Slash" from Guns N Roses (He knows about Slash from Guitar Hero) and Liddie being a "Flapper". The funny thing was as we were trick or treating all the adults knew who Parker was, but the kids did not! Parker commented that all the adults knew (except for one Asian man) and was surprised...I said "Honey, it is because most of them are mommy and daddy's age!". Trust me though, Parker really played it up, he always does though, he enjoys dressing up and playing a part!

Liddie absolutely loved it again this year. Parker really couldn't keep up with her. She didn't carry her boa around, it was "too itchy".

Baby Cale just soaked it all in and took the walking around like a trooper. He was a little puppy dog.

We have some neighbors, who either don't have kids or they are grown, who decorate every year for the kids. On year it was a pirate theme, another was Jack in the box & his wife (from the food chain), well this year was an alien theme. They "built" a mini UFO and dressed like aliens, it was great! I would attach pictures but they really didn't show up well.


Michelle said...

Parker looks great, Cale looks preciious, and my little Liddie looks TOO CUTE! So prissy!

Becki Francy said...

Cara - so glad I found your blog. Your children are adorable. Cale is a beautiful baby!!!! Love the eyes....will look forward to more pictures...