Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shout out...

I love to compliment a company when they treat their customers right. Here are two shout outs that I have!

Best car seats EVER, love them!!! I also have a Britax stroller. Unfortunately I broke the wheel of it and have been unable to use it. I called Britax to see if I could buy another wheel. For some reason, I can't remember why, but they don't sell them. So the lady offered to send me one free of charge. I reminded her that it was not a warranty problem, that I actually caused the damage. She said that is okay and she would send it to me anyway! I received the wheel just the other day! Thank you Britax!

LL Bean:
Parker's new school highly recommended that we purchase a rolling backpack for our student. Well because the specifically mentioned it I figured they meant it and needed to buy him a good backpack, so I went to LL Bean (Brian had a laptop bag from them that lasted nearly 10 years!!!). Anyway, Parker's first day of school he left the backpack strap out of the pouch while rolling because I instructed him to despite the directions. I just wanted him to have a smooth day and not spending too much time tucking the strap in and out so I specifically told him to leave the strap out just that day. Well, he got home and the strap was frayed nearly in two from one day! Although I did not have him follow directions I was so surprised it frayed that bad for one day. I called LL Bean and told them the story. They said a new one will be on the way! I said I wasn't calling to get a new free backpack, I was just hoping that maybe they would meet me in the middle because it was my fault, and they said not a problem a new one is still coming free of charge! Whooo Hoooo! Thank you LL Bean!

Honesty does pay!

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