Friday, June 12, 2009

Big News...

We are moving!

We are moving to Edmond, Oklahoma! It is a long story how all this has come about along with the longest job interview process in the history of Brian's job interviewing. After two month of interviewing and waiting and waiting and waiting we had the official offer. We have known for a while, but everything had been verbal.

Short story: We put our house on the market officially tomorrow morning. When it sells we will move. We may be spending some time in OKC but will be back and forth until the house sells. Brian's new job is different, but still technical, he will basically be supporting two sales guys with his technical skills (that is about as simple as I can put what he does into words). He will be working out of the house so that will keep us flexible. We need to spend time down here for him to train and get acquainted with his new job. We would like to see moving at the end of July or first part of August.

Long story (God is so much in the details of this):
All of Brian's job issues that have been going on for the past 6 months came to a head all of a sudden, otherwise he would have never thought about looking for another job!
Tuesday, March 24 my friend Desiree gave me a full gallon on paint, my exact color that I need to finish my two front rooms. Jokingly we giggled saying that I was going to tell Brian it was God telling us to paint (he loathes painting). That night at the dinner table, I did just that. Of course I got the typical yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever!
The next day, Brian told me he prayed a few weeks before that if God wanted us to move back home, that he would provide a way for it to happen. He told me this before bed after Devon (they guy who helped him get the job) told him about a job with his company that would be in Oklahoma. ASG is opening an office in Oklahoma to serve OKC, Tulsa, Arkansas and N. Texas. This job is not a traditional IT job that Brian has worked in the past or currently, this would be more of a supporting sales role. For the last couple of years, Brian has been saying that he wants a change. He has grown tired of what he is doing, but did not know what he would do or really what he wanted to do.
Then the following morning before I looked at email or anything I decided I was dedicating my morning to prayer. After my time of prayer, I read an email from Brian about the job! I began to get overwhelmed with emotion and thought "the paint", God is truly telling us to paint! Then I started thinking about school and how much we love our school and how much my heart has been softened to homeschooling and how I would have never considered it had it not been for Logos. The story of us hearing about Logos is a God story in itself!
My prayer all along has been that God would open my eyes, ears & heart to receive his will and communicate it enough for us to follow. I also have prayed that I need to be trusting of God to work out the details for such a big event, it was bigger than me!
Brian met with the guy from ASG Friday, April 3. He came away from the meeting more sure, excited and saw it has a real possbility. He was told that the job would be his if he wanted it and needed to spend the weekend talking to me and thinking about what he would need for a base salary.
Back to the paint...I tried to talk Brian into painting that weekend, and he said it was too difficult to do with the kids. Unexpectedly (becacuse they ran the special) Brian's mom is came that weekend...we had help, so we painted!

We are so very excited about this opportunity to get home, but it really bring to me the true menaing of "Bittersweet". We know in our hearts this is what God wants for us, but it is truly going to be a tough move. We have been in this house the longest we have ever been in a house our entire marriage. This is the only place Parker remembers living, we brought two babies home here and have had such a great support system of friends which are like a second family, great neighbors. We have enjoyed living here much more than we ever expected! Right now, I am very emotional and overwhelmed with the stress of getting the house ready to put on the market (I have decided we have too much "junk"). The only way I can describe how I am feeling right now is numb, can anyone relate???

This has been the real reason why I have not kept up the blog...I was waiting to share this news! I will work on getting caught up and keeping you up to date on our process!


Anonymous said...

God is going to be so faithful! What a story, and what amazing patience you displayed!

Michelle said...

I'm happy for you! I am sad however that I won't get to see those amiling Canada faces around here anymore! What a precious family! Good luck and God bless! You have to promise me that you'll keep your blog updated!

Miranda said...

Good luck on everything God is doing in your life!! Your family is in my prayers and I will miss seeing ya'll around!