Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Offer, Counter-offer & Waiting...

Day 8 on the market (Sunday) we were told we had a verbal offer! Our realtor prefers not to deal with verbals and requested to their agent to submit a written offer. They did just that on Monday! Of course it was lower than what we were wanting this early in the game and we countered back yesterday. We should be hearing back today! In all honesty if they don't come back with a better counter back we have one more round we are willing to go because our first counter was high.

We had a feeling this time it would sell semi-quick because we have had a lot of traffic, but I never would have guessed within 8 days! God is so good! Keep praying this negotiating process ends up in our home being sold! The Lord has been with us every step of this job process and I have to firmly believe He is with us now in this step as well.


Promoting OK adoption said...

I am just now catching up! I found you from Abbey's blog! Praying all goes well with this offer. I am like you, God has done so much up to this point...He's got it all figured out. So glad you felt good about the feedback from our friends. Talk to you soon!

Wade and Allison said...

PRAISE THE LORD!! This is good news!! :)