Tuesday, June 16, 2009

House on the Market

Today was the 3rd full day our house has been on the market. I can't even begin to explain how much stress there is during this process. First to get it ready has been a chore. We have rented a storage building (5x10) and have nearly filled it. I am guessing we really don't need 3/4s of it, but hopefully we can sift through it better before the final move.

To get the house on the market we had two bathrooms painted, one room re-painted, drywall touch up work done (minor Ike damage), Brian, his mom and her husband painted our kitchen, we painted our formal living and dining rooms (office and playroom respectively), decluttered and finished it all off with a full landscaping clean up. That is why we feel like we birthed another child!

Here are a few things that have happened that have added stress:

Wednesday, June 10 we were suppose to meet with the realtor at 5:30...at 4:45 I was in the laundry room sorting laundry and Baby Cale decided to play in the shoe rack (we take our shoes off in the laundry room) and I decided to let him so I could finish, next thing I know Parker comes in and says to me "He is in the paint!!!". Cale dumped over a can of paint that had a little bit left in there, the lid wasn't secure so it came out and he played in it! I immediately called Brian and said he had to cancel our appointment! This resulted in a bath, a call to poison control (becase some was in his mouth) and a full laundry room floor clean up! Yes, shoes got some paint, but I think they were saved!

Thursday, June 11 again 5:30 appointment...at 3:30 or so a flouresent lamp bulb was shattered (yes the new ones that have mecury in them). We left the room and took all advised precautions and then properly cleaned up the mess.

Saturday, June 13 the house goes on the market!

Sunday, June 14 first showing...they spent 45 minutes at the house. We received good feedback and are one of the houses being considered!

Monday, June 15 Second showing...no feedback yet.

Tuesday, June 16 Third showing scheduled for 2:00. I have been stressed, I know...why??? One way I reduce stress is to bake. We have new neighbors on one side of us and I thought it would be a great reason to bake besides stress relief. At the time I started the dough I did not know we had a showing. I got the call during the process. Not a big deal I was cleaning up as I went and I would at least be able to bake them and then I could ice them after the showing. I preheated the oven and was right on target. A few minutes later when I was looking at the temperature I saw a small flame. I originally thought it was bits of pizza that dropped to the bottom, then I remembered I left a store bought cake in the oven (because I didn't want it sitting out on the counter). The plastic was flaming a little bit. I grapped my stone and was going to push it onto it as I was about to do that, I realized that it was getting a little bit bigger...I said to myself "forget this...I'm getting the extinguisher!". I pulled the pin and gave it two quick shots and it was gone...POOF!

After a few deep breaths and using the broom to get the smoke alarm to quit, I called Brian just about in a panic...I was still shaking! After I calmed down and realized all was well it was time to clean up the kitchen for the showing that is now 1-1/2 hours away! I lit a candle, turned on the vent hood, turned down the air and started cleaning. There were black little specs everywhere and a nice white film all over the oven, microwave and floor but who cares I took care of the immediate need. Now I can totally laugh, but I was so scared at first. I don't think the house even smelled like burnt plastic...YEA!

No feedback on this showing either, but hopefully it isn't a remark of some funky smell!

Tomorrow we have a scheduled showing between 10-11 and I have a mover coming to give a quote at 9:00! All is moving (no pun intended) pretty fast for us!

I know, I need to catch up some more...I will and will post pictures too!


Wade and Allison said...

oh my goodness!!! Ok, we must catch up!! It has been too long!! Mainly my fault- so sorry!!! Hope to talk soon...hugs to you all!

Julie said...

I'm worn out and anxious just hearing about all the excitement! So very excited you all will be in OK!