Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cale's 6 Months!

Cale is nearing the 19 pound mark! Changes are happening before our eyes. He is rolling over, sitting on his own, eating baby food and moved up car seats.

He is loving the baby food! He didn't know what to think at first, new textures and tastes, but gobbles it all up!

You can see in the picture in the bouncer he is always trying to sit, but in the following picture you see he is sitting. Although I am holding his arm, it was just a safety net to ensure he didn't fall back. He can sit on his own for quite a while, but there are times he does fall over like a little weeble.

Cale is still laid back as ever, going with the flow. He loves his big brother and will always smile at Parker when he talking to him. He will laugh and laugh while being tickled.

It is so hard to watch him grow truly knowing he is our last baby!
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