Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Many Hairstyles!

Liddie is finally letting me do *some* things with her hair.
This first one is what we call "piggies". It is basically pig tails, but not pulling them all the way through. The next picture shows how long they are if we do pull them through. She has much longer hair than it looks because of her curls.

I cannot explain the look on Liddie's face on the second picture...only the picture can describe it, but it is a new look for her that she often give us. This girl gives us a run for our money!

The next two pictures are of Liddie & Cale with Bobbie's wig on. Oh my gosh, Cale looks like a little doll! We laughed and laughed over these.
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Cindy Kirkpatrick said...

Oh my gosh!! Those are too cute!!! I can't believe how much Liddie has grown since the last time I saw her!! And little Cale is just adorable!! I have really enjoyed looking at your blog! Love your new background : ) I was thinking about changing mine, but was afraid I might lose everything on it....

I am sooo sorry I didn't get your call that Saturday you were here. Our home phone wasn't working and we were just using our cell phones. I ended up checking the messages late that night (from my cell phone). Things were a little crazy that day with us "supposed" to leave the next morning at 5:00 am... which I am sure you heard what a nightmare that was!! Anyway, next time you are in town, we definetly need to get together. I can't wait to see little Cale in person!