Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SHBC Mini Reunion

This was all so very last minute! First, I was talking with Stephanie a few weeks before we came to town and talked about getting together. In the meantime, I was also talking to Kristi. Kristi mentioned she would be willing to drive to Tulsa, so I combined them. Well, Stephanie talked to Jason and he said he would come up (very surprisingly since Cathy just had a baby a couple weeks prior). Jason walked in the door and mentioned how close Amy lived. He called Amy, and here she was! It was all spur of the moment, although we didn't have much time, we all enjoyed the time together. Here is a picture of only 6 of us who used to be in the youth group. then the next picture is shows how six people grow!
This was all of us with spouses and babies! Just us went from six to 22! Only 21 are pictured because Kristi's husband, Mike was not with us.

Steve and Norma Murphy stopped by, it was great to see them. It was amazing only we had changed, not them!

We are hoping to have a HUGE reunion next summer with as many "Old SHBC" Youth as we can.

It was great guys! Thanks again the Stephanie & Sean for opening their home to us all, and Steve and Norma for giving us dinner!
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