Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Liddie turns 3!

We cannot believe it, our little girl is 3!!! She was so cute with the presents. Brian's mom, Bobbie & her husband, Alan came down for Liddie & Brian's birthdays. Brian's is June 1 & Liddie's is June 6. We did not have a formal birthday party with friends, just a small celebration with us and Bobbie & Alan. She "loved" everything and thought her new princess dresses were "beautiful". Liddie is so into princesses these days, she loves all of the Disney Princesses and can name them all. She tends to gravitate to Belle, my guess is because of the dark hair like hers, who really knows though. Parker bought her a Belle puzzle for her birthday with his own money, what a sweet big brother! We had
chocolate princess cupcakes...
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