Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Silliness

I never realized Parker and Liddie would play and goof around as much as they do together. I knew they would because they are brother and sister, but didn't expect it because of their age difference. We have really had a great summer, much to my surprise! I usually dread the summer, but this summer has worked out and has been very smooth and am so thankful for that. Maybe it is God's way of letting me know we are going to have a smooth school year. More about that one another time.

Parker and Liddie enjoyed making ice cream cone cupcakes and decorating them. Then next on the
list was to make popsicles. The kids decided to have fun with the popsicles tray instead. We have yet to make the popsicles. Liddie orginally started this and we caught her with 3 in her mouth at the same time. Of course we didn't get a picture, so she couldn't do it again so we settled for a picture with two in her mouth. Parker had to top her though with all four!

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