Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cale - 12 Month Check Up

Cale at 1 Year:

22 pounds and 8 ounces...smaller than I thought! He is in the 55% range.

28 3/4 inches...getting taller, slowly but surely! That is 25%, poor boy doesn't stand a chance at being a basketball playerl!!

19 1/4" which is greater than 95%!  Funny story:  for Cale's 9 month check up, Brian was with us and the doctor took measurements of both of our heads to determine that Cale's large head was due to genetics, otherwise we would have had to go to Texas Childrens' for a CAT scan!

Number of Teeth:

Baby Cale is so laid back. He is a pretty quiet baby, he plays independently very well and loves the big kids, we know he can't wait to be running around with can see it in his eyes.

He can say Momma, Dada, Bubba (Parker), Go (he hears us say to Liddie "go, go, go" when she is saying she needs the restroom) and nana (banana). He is the fastest crawler we have ever seen, but is walking around the coffee table, pushing a chair around and will stand when he doesn't realize it. He will put absolutely anything or everything he can in his mouth, just plain nasty! He will go to sleep while awake (HUGE for us), but still does not sleep through the night.

Baby Cale...WE LOVE YOU!

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Nate, Abbey and Noah said...

How cute is he! It's so interesting to see how similar but different our 1 year olds are...I know the feeling of not sleeping through the night. Noah had such a struggle with sleep until 10 months. He just couldn't put him self to sleep. Cale is so cute Cara! So fun to see your blog!