Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cale's First Ear Infection

Cale came down with his first ear infection.  I finally took him to the doctor on Friday because he wasn't acting himself, was not sleeping (worse than usual), and always wanted to be held (more than usual).  I had be hesitant because he hadn't been running fever; he had a cough, but they say to let it run 14 days if no fever and a little congestion.  My theory was that since Brian was home and I would not have to tote 3 kids to the doctor's office I may as well take him, plus maybe we (really me) could get a weekend of of sleep.  Lo and behold one ear was "red" and the other was grey.  She said normally she wouldn't treat it yet, but since his behavior was not normal she was calling it an ear infection.

Cale is still not sleeping well.  I don't know if it is the ears or just adjusting back to being home after 2 weeks and our sleep arrangements have not be normal by any means.  Who knows!  Typically before our trip, he would "cry it out" some, but since we have been home he is horse and sounds so pitiful, I am having a hard time on the "cry it out" method.  He still really isn't acting like himself.


Julie said...

Yes I have officially joined the blogging world. I did put it on my FB page but I haven't told anyone how to find it, only those observant folks that are interested in my life could find it. Like yourself of course. I haven't even told my Parents I guess in case I decide to post about them. I just think that some of the blogs are amazing. You need to check the site Pretty cool idea! I realize I'm leaving you a huge comment on your blog and not about your blog. I do read your blog and love all the pictures. Sorry Cale had an ear infection. Hope you are getting some rest!

Michelle said...

Poor baby Cale...Poor momma Cara!