Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pay it Foward...Update!

I have been getting lots of stories, but few comments, which is fine. I encourage you to send me your stories. First, I decided to do this because I have been blessed by others in so many ways and I know I could never repay them. Second, I wanted to encourage everyone to give selflessly to others and if you are every asked how they could repay you, you then ask them to "Pay it Forward". God works in ways you cannot imagine. After I did this, I read this post about a couple who just had their first baby and now she (the baby) is in NICU. She specifically mentioned in her post that she would have to pay forward everything everyone has done for her because there would be no way she could repay them. Her post is here! Keep the stories comin', I will post some stories in a few days.

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